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Challenging Socialism

    There is a very serious real threat to our American way of life today called SOCIALISM. Socialism has led countries into poverty and starvation every time it has been tried. President Trump by far and away IS the BEST candidate to proudly protect America's way of life; everyone else is a sell out.

  The best way to support the 'Trump Pence 2020 campaign' is by speaking with others. Be prepared with facts that can be verified with credible sources. Be passionate, be brief, be accurate and be on point.

  We hope this site inspires you to VOTE, encourages you to have others VOTE, and or moves you to register lots of people to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

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Help defeat socialism

BONBSHELL: Voting Machine & Software Fraud

Exposed Fraudulent Election:   Votes Stolen on Live TV

Thank you, together we will "Keep America Great!"