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What would Donald do?
 Sharon's Naturalization Certificate 

     Sharon G:  Lead Site Administrator. Emigrated from Colombia LEGALLY. Proud to be an American!

   We maintain several social media sites providing internet access to President Trump's accomplishments and policies. We are persistently vocal online maintaining sites with top 5 page rankings. We are active during elections displaying signs at polling places and registering voters.
        Based in Palm Beach, Florida, miles from Mar-a-Lago; we will never waver in our support for President Donald  J. Trump.
Today and every day; be vigilant.
President Trump gives our son  Shane the thumbs up.

 Fighting the Good Fight

     We fight for President Trump by printing professional polling and yard signs. We display these signs at various polling places during the elections. We are regularly confronted at these polling places but never back down. We were here helping push back during the election count debacle in Broward County.
Please consider a small donation to help cover expenses. 
republicn sign
political sign
Air Force 1;
 Palm Beach, FL
Our son Shane